Razl Screen Layout

When Razl opens the following screen will display:

The screen is split into several sections:

  1. Toolbar
  2. Content Trees
  3. Field information
  4. Task list


The toolbar provides access to the different functions available in Razl:

  1. Left connection - the Sitecore connection used by the left hand side of Razl.
  2. Left History engine view - displays entries in the left hand Sitecore history engine.
  3. Left connection information - summary information about the left connection.
  4. Connection Manager - allows the user to manage all their connections.
  5. Right connection information - summary information about the right connection.
  6. Right History engine view - displays entries in the righthand Sitecore history engine.
  7. Right connection - the Sitecore connection used by the right hand side of Razl.
  8. Toggle Lightning Mode.
  9. Toggle Show/Hide fields that are the same in the field information window.
  10. Razl settings - opens the Razl settings window.
  11. Log console - opens the Razl log console which contains the log output for the current session.
  12. Compare filters - displays a drop down list of fields and languages not being used by Razl for comparison.
  13. Razl About - display information about the version of Razl you are using.
  14. Razl Help - Opens the Razl help website.
  15. Razl Search Box - Allows the user to search for text or an ID on both servers

Content Trees

When a user has created and selected which connections to use the Content Trees will display the item hierarchy for each database:

Clicking the triangle to the left of an item in the content tree will expand the item and display its child items.

When exploring items in a database the name of the database and the URL to Sitecore site will be displayed at the top of the Content Tree:

For more information on how to compare items see Comparing Items.

Field Information

The field information panes display the field values and property information of an item, this information is loaded when an item is selected in the Content Tree:

Clicking on the triangle beside the left hand field information will expand the language/version combination and display the specific fields. For more information on comparing fields see Comparing Fields.

Task List

The task list displays the set of tasks a user has queued up for Razl to execute:

The tasks list allows tasks to be removed by click on the cross next to a task. For more information on running tasks see the Running Tasks section.