Sitecore TDS

About Sitecore TDS

Sitecore TDS, a Microsoft Visual Studio Plugin, brings Sitecore items into Visual Studio while reducing developer’s deployment time to almost zero.
By using Sitecore TDS, developers can improve control and overall team performance by integrating Source Code Control into Sitecore and Visual Studio projects.
Sitecore TDS allows new developers to be easily added to a project. New developers can get the most recent updates from the Source Code Control and begin making updates to the project almost immediately. Sitecore TDS eliminates the need for manually tracking item changes for deployment, since all changes are automatically tracked by source control. Sitecore TDS features continuous builds and fully automated deployment releases. Sitecore TDS allows Sitecore items to be moved in and out of a Sitecore instance within Microsoft Visual Studio. Sitecore TDS helps keep track of changes by allowing the developer to quickly compare their project items to their developer instance of Sitecore. Because of all this, Sitecore TDS significantly increases the ability for developers to work in teams, and saves time, money, and a good deal of frustration in the long run.


Development team: Charlie Turano, Sean Kearney, Matt Friedlander, Elena Zlateva, Petko Kamburov, Steven Striga, Mike Edwards